Jasmin Declaire (formerly de Claire)

actress, voice actress, speaker, presenter
Jasmin Declaire, actor, voice actor, speaker, presenter, Berlin

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Projects as actress
year title movie type director part
2014 Schwaben vs. Aliens Short Feature Fil... Andreas Kröneck Lena Devallier [SR]
2013 GZSZ Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten TV Series, RTL various Frauke Heinrichs [SR]
2013 Forcing Function Short Feature Fil... Adam Janisch Technician
2012 Deutsche Telekom - Bluff Interactive Clips Commercial Ole Ziesemann Spionin [L]
2011 Telekom - WordShot App Commercial Robin Polak Reisdene [L]
2011 Hopelessly in June Feature Film Vincent Brantley Aktivistin [SR]
2011 Kärcher - Wettrennen Commercial Mona El Mansouri Mama [L]
2011 HRS - Der Hotelexperte Commercial Edward Berger Business Frau [L]
2009 Jasmin & Josephine Short Documentary Christopher J. Bogho... Jasmin [L]

Basic details
height170 cm - 5' 7'' ft/in 
weight51 kg - 112 lb. 
body typedelicate 
skin type East European, South European, White Central European
hair colourbrown 
hair lengthlong 
eye colourgreen-brown 
nationality German
languages German (mother tongue), English (fluently), French (basic)
Swabian (native)
skills (dances) Salsa (basic knowledge)
skills (sports) dressage, inline skating, kiten, rock climbing, track and field, horseback riding, skiing, javelin throw, tennis, ping-pong, wind surfing
experience shooting in foreign countries North America: USA

Southern Europe: Italy, Spain
licences B (car), L (tractor), M (autocycle), Limited License to carry firearms
immediate working area Berlin, München
1st residence Berlin
other possibilities of accommodation Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Heilbronn, Los Angeles, Stuttgart