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nordmedia - Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH: Film Funding

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Thomas Schäffer
department: Geschäftsführer
phone: +49 511 12345610

Jochen Coldewey
department: Bereichsleiter Film- und Medienförderung
phone: +49 511 12345650

Katrin Burchard
department: Förderreferentin (TV)
phone: +49 511 12345667

Kai Dräger
department: Teamleiter Prüfwesen
phone: +49 511 12345626

Henning Kunze
department: Förderreferent (Kino)
phone: +49 511 12345652

Susanne Lange
department: Film Commission Niedersachsen/Bremen
phone: +49 511 12345653

Franceska Markovina
department: Assistentin Bereichsleiter Film- und Medienförderung
phone: +49 511 12345633

Cam Lan Nguyen
department: Rechnungswesen
phone: +49 511 12345611

Marion Redhorn
department: Rechnungswesen / Personal
phone: +49 511 12345621

Wibke Schimpf
department: Referentin Presse und Unternehmenskommunikation/ Gremien
phone: +49 511 12345622

Christoph Schirmacher
department: Sachbearbeiter Prüfwesen
phone: +49 511 12345631

Petra Schleuning
department: Förderreferentin (Kino, Festivals)
phone: +49 511 12345662

Hinter der Mauer 5 (Weserhaus)
28195 Bremen
phone: +49 421 1783151


company profileFunding - networking - developingt! These terms essentially sum up the core activities of nordmedia. In its role as the central media sponsorship organisation for Lower Saxony and Bremen, nordmedia has shaped the consolidation and development of the media branch in both of these North German states since 2001.

In the case of film and media sponsorship, funding is structured, organised and supervised according to cultural-economic criteria. In this respect, nordmedia provides funds for different phases of production of film, TV and interactive media projects. Besides this, the sponsorship spectrum also includes investments, training and advisory offers as well as festivals. The accompanying services of the film commission reinforce the effectiveness of the allocated funds and enhance the attractiveness of filming locations in the two states for media creators. Besides contributions from the two states, the sponsorship scheme is also financed by the broadcasters NDR, Radio Bremen and the ZDF. Accordingly, nordmedia allocates an average of 10 million Euros annually for funding projects within the framework of its film and media sponsorship scheme.

In the media and media development sector, nordmedia initiates and operates networks for branch players and organises regional and supra-regional events in cooperation with partners. This especially concerns innovative fields of development driven by technology. Last but not least, nordmedia also helps to promote the regions by participating in trade fairs and festivals, and provides an opportunity for the regional media branch to establish international contacts. In this respect, the extensive nordmedia Internet portal serves as an important platform for communication and information exchange.

By way of funding and accompanying service offers as well as networking and branch events, nordmedia creates important incentives and makes known the performance capabilities of branch players and the special opportunities offered by the two states at a supra-regional level.
year of foundation 2001
number of employees 15
immediate working area HQ: Hannover
other offices: Bremen