Jerry Kwarteng  BFFS, GVL

Jerry Kwarteng, actor, Berlin
Jerry Kwarteng, actor, Berlin
Jerry Kwarteng, actor, Berlin
Jerry Kwarteng, actor, Berlin
Jerry Kwarteng, actor, Berlin
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2015/2 to 2015/2 ONSCREEN AUDITION MASTERCLASS BERLIN by Nancy Bishop, C...
2013 to 2013 Linklater Technique, Voice and Pronunciation, Susanne E...
2012 to 2012 Actors Space Berlin GbR (Scene Improvisation with Athanasios Karanikolas, HFF)
2011/10 to 2012/10 Actors Space Berlin GbR
2011/8 to 2011/9 Actors Space Berlin GbR (Workshop Meisner Technique bei Mike Bernandin)

Film Awards
year title award category comment
2017 Open Wound - The Über Movie Hollywood Int. Moving Pictures Fil... Award of Recognition - Best En... won

Projects as actor | 20 of 47 | SHOW ALL
year title movie type director part
2018 Borga Feature Film York-Fabian Raabe Ebo [SR]
2018 Tamora Imperatrix Short Feature Fil... Carolina Rath Aaron [L]
2018 Special Forces Series Pilot Florian Borkamp Eric [L]
2018 Sky Sharks Feature Film Marc Fehse Air Marshall Tony Benett [SR]
2017 Deutscher Schauspielpreis - Opener 2017 Opener Michael S. Ruscheins... Sam / Richter Justus [L]
2017 Unexpected Monsters Short Feature Fil... Sophia Tamaro The producer [L]
2017 Bettys Diagnose TV Series, ZDF various Bijan Obansanjo [LE]
2017 4 Wände (aka 4 Walls) Short Feature Fil... Anjorka Strechel Jens Mattern [L]
2017 Violent Starr Indie Feature Fil... Oliver Tietgen Kromon Rao [SR]
2017 Für Umme (Webserie) Series Vlady Valentin Oszki... Sachverständiger [SR]
2017 Delphine Maillard - Super Girl Music Video Alexander Lony Bartender - super hero [L]
2017 Bad Cop - Kriminell gut TV Series, RTL Oliver Dommenget Schneewittchen [SRE]
2017 Call The Boys - 4 Männer für gewisse Stund... Series Pilot, RTL II Manuel Meimberg Janni [L]
2016 T.H.U.G - True Hustler Under God medium length Fil... Bradley Iyamu Yakubu Okotie [SR]
2016 Lisa Bassenge - Shell Music Video Luca Forcignano Mann [L]
2016 Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei TV Series, RTL various Nikolaus Sartisson [LE]
2016 Thumos Short Feature Fil... Adham Badr Raphael [L]
2016 Chaos-Queens - Die Braut sagt leider nein TV Movie, ZDF Vivian Naefe Sven [SR]
2016 Call The Boys (Testimonial) Teaser (Series Co..., RTL II Manuel Meimberg Janni [L]
2016 Sissi ohne Franz Short Feature Fil... Tim Garde Therapie Klient [BP]

Projects as dubber / speaker
year title movie type dubbed actor part
2016 Demain Tout Commence Feature Film Ashley Walters Lowell [SR]
2015 Loving Feature Film Alano Miller Raymond Green [SR]
2015 The Birth of a Nation Feature Film Chris Greene Nelson [SR]
2014 The Legend of Tarzan Feature Film Osy Ikhile Kwete [SR]

Theater Engagements
year play part director theater
2017 The Opportunity II - Stage Reading of d... Several Dela Dabulamanzi Ballhouse Nauny Theatre
2016 The Opportunity I - Stage Reading of di... Several Dela Dabulamanzi Moviemiento Cinema
2016 Makembo Makembo Micki Weinberg ID Festival Berlin 2016
2015 The Conference of Ilala - Stage Reading Jacob Wrainwright Branwen Okpako Ballhouse Nauny Theatre

Projects as speaker
year title type of project job client
2018 Illegal Hörspiel Kodjo - Hauptrolle Deutschlandfunk

Basic details
height180 cm - 5' 11'' ft/in 
weight81 kg - 178 lb. 
body typeathletic-sporty 
skin type Afro American
hair colourblack 
hair lengthvery short 
eye colourdark brown 
nationality German
languages German (mother tongue), English (fluently), Spanish (fluently)
skills (dances) Latin-American (basic knowledge), Salsa (basic knowledge)
skills (sports) basketball, billiards, soccer, judo, marathon
experience shooting in foreign countries Central America: Costa Rica

Eastern Europe: Ukraine

Southern Europe: Italy, Spain, Turkey

Southeast Asia: Thailand
licences B (car), BE (car with trailer), C1 (truck < 3,5t <= 7,5t), C1E (truck (C1) + trailer <= 12t), CE (Truck trailer), L (tractor), M (autocycle), S (3-/4-wheel vehicle < 45 km/h and < 50 cc), T (tractor)
immediate working area Berlin, London
1st residence Berlin
other possibilities of accommodation Cologne, Hamburg, Barcelona, Düsseldorf, Ibiza, London, Lübeck, New York
associations Association of German Film & TV Actors [de], Ges. zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten nbH [de]