Tim Casey

actor, speaker
Tim Casey, actor, speaker, Berlin

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Projects as actor | 20 of 21 |
year title movie type director part
2014 Barty Carty Short Feature Fil... John McGovern Barty Carty [L]
2014 The Regular Tribesmen Short Feature Fil... Ian Campbell Niall [L]
2013 The Consultant Short Feature Fil... Andy Hynes Tom [L]
2012 Snuff Short Feature Fil... Clara O'Keeffe Ian Smith [L]
2012 Security in Villainy Short Feature Fil... David McEvoy Glenn [L]
2012 50 Shekels Short Feature Fil... Glenn Cullen Bob [SR]
2012 Tiger Tiger Short Feature Fil... Ian Campbell Kinsella [SR]
2012 The Perfect Match Short Feature Fil... Ed Griffin Greg [L]
2012 Temptation Short Feature Fil... Homayoun Khalvandi Patrick [L]
2012 The Cold 100 - Mr West Coast Man Music Video Sarah Keogh Mr West Coast Man [L]
2012 Dole TV TV Magazine Turlough Kelly Crime Reporter, Hysterical Crime [L]
2012 North Circular Road Indie Feature Fil... Paul Heary Panel Member 1 [SR]
2011 Sperm Bank Short Feature Fil... Barry Flinn Father [L]
2011 The Interview Short Feature Fil... Cathal Feeney Brian [L]
2011 Like the Clappers Short Feature Fil... Andrew Anderson Colin [SR]
2010 The Legend of Jonny King Short Feature Fil... Jonathan Courtney Detective Haimes [L]
2009 Ulterior Indie Feature Fil... Jason Mehlhorn Michael [SR]
2007 Heineken - Gallway. German Tourists in Iri... Commercial Eric Lynne Deutscher Tourist [SR]
2006 W.C. Feature Film Liam O Mochain Distressed Husband [BP]
2005 Fair City TV Series, RTE [ie] Paul Fitzgerald Lotto Rep [BP]

Basic details
height175 cm - 5' 9'' ft/in 
weight79 kg - 174 lb. 
body typeslim 
skin type White Central European
hair colourbrown 
hair lengthmedium 
eye colourblue 
nationality Irish
languages German (mother tongue), English (mother tongue), Irish (good)
British (Standard), Irish Accent (native)
immediate working area Berlin
1st residence Ireland