Thorsten Bolzé  BVFT, VDT

production sound mixer

Thorsten Bolzé, production sound mixer, München

Phone   +49 151 50642148
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Projects as production sound mixer | 20 of 137 | SHOW ALL
year title movie type director production comment
2017 AOK - Aufrufe Bewegung. Philip... Commercial Britta Mangold r force film GmbH
2017 Marie fängt Feuer 4 - Lügen un... TV-Movie (Serie..., ZDF Hans Hofer Wiedemann & Berg Tel...
2017 Marie fängt Feuer 3 - Am Ende ... TV-Movie (Serie..., ZDF Hans Hofer Wiedemann & Berg Tel...
2017 Aldi Süd - Daniel Aminati. Mac... Commercial Peter Döring Beech Studios
2017 Blutsschwestern Feature Film Felix Hassenfratz Rat Pack Filmprodukt...
2016 The Holy Traveler Documentary Ser... Bruce Neibaur Norland Independent ...
2016 Amazon Prime - EPK. You are W... EPK (Electronic..., Amazon Vide... Florian Ross Pantaleon Films GmbH
2016 Wem gehört die Natur? Documentary Alice Agneskirchne... Broadview TV GmbH
2016 Arzt mit Nebenwirkung TV Movie, ARD, Degeto Peter Stauch Bavaria Fernsehprodu... Vertretung
2016 Euphoria Feature Film Lisa Langseth B-Reel Feature Films... Vertretung
2016 Marie fängt Feuer - Vater sein... TV-Movie (Serie..., ZDF Edzard Onneken Wiedemann & Berg Tel...
2016 Marie fängt Feuer - Für immer ... TV-Movie (Serie..., ZDF Edzard Onneken Wiedemann & Berg Tel...
2016 Campari - Auf einen Negroni mi... Commercial Daniel Schmidt Mädchenfilm Munich
2016 Schlagerland Documentary, ARD Arne Birkenstock C-Films (Deutschland... Munich
2016 Walkers - Choir Of Champions Commercial Michael Williams Partizan GmbH Munich
2016 Whatever Happens Feature Film Niels Laupert Jumpseat Filmprodukt...
2015 ProSiebenSat.1 - Raabschied Opener Horst Czenskowski Lichtenberg & Gray P...
2015 Allianz - FC Bayern Teampräsen... Image Film Maximilian Niemann Oki Films
2015 At Eyelevel Feature Film various Rat Pack Filmprodukt...
2015 Terra X - Die Geschichte der T... Documentary (Se..., ZDF Mira Thiel VIAFILM GmbH & Co. K...

Film projects in other activities
year title movie type director production comment
1994 Aus heiterem Himmel TV Series, ARD Hans Liechti tnf telenormfilm Gmb... boom operatorVertretung
1994 Halali, oder Der Schuß ins Brö... TV Movie, ZDF Joachim Roering TV60Filmproduktion G... boom operator
1994 Gezeiten der Liebe TV Series, ZDF Klaus Gendries Akzente Film & Ferns... boom operator
1994 Um die 30 TV Series, ZDF Ralf Huettner ndF neue deutsche Fi... boom operatorVertretung
1992 Derrick TV Series, ORF, SRF (v... Zbynek Brynych Telenova Film- u.Fer... boom operator
1992 Der Alte TV Series, ZDF Helmut Ashley Neue Münchner Fernse... boom operator
1992 Forsthaus Falkenau TV Series, ZDF Klaus Gendries ndF neue deutsche Fi... boom operator
1991 Die zweite Heimat - Chronik ei... Mini-Series Edgar Reitz Edgar Reitz Filmprod... boom operatorVertretung
1991 Sicher ist sicher TV Series, ZDF Peter Weck Cinevista Film Produ... boom operator
1990 Werner - Beinhart! Feature Film Niki List Constantin Film electrician
1990 Die glückliche Familie TV Series various tnf telenormfilm Gmb... boom operatorVertretung
1990 Julia und die Wellen Short Feature F... Florian Richter HFF Hochschule für F... gaffer
1990 Jacobs Kaffee - Die neue Krönu... Commercial Michael Verhoeven Sentana Filmprodukti... boom operator
1990 Iglo Bistro - Der Künstler Commercial Hatto Kurtenbach Interteam München Fi... boom operator
1989 Der Unschuldsengel Mini-Series Oliver Storz ndF neue deutsche Fi... boom operator
1989 Herr Siebenfink und die Sache ... TV Movie, ORF, ZDF Wolfgang Panzer Phoenix Film Karlhei... boom operator
1989 Neue Deutsche Heldensagen TV Series Pit Knorr FFP New Media GmbH boom operator

Basic details
nationality German
languages German (mother tongue), English (fluently), Spanish (basic), French (basic)
experience shooting in foreign countries Australia and Oceania: Australia

Middle East: Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia

North Africa: Morocco

North America: USA

Northern Europe: Iceland, Norway

East Africa: Kenya

Eastern Europe: Poland, Russia, Czech Republic

South Africa: Botswana, Namibia

Southern Europe: Balearic Islands, Italy, Canary Islands, Turkey

Southeast Asia: India, Indonesia, Thailand

West Africa: Mali

Western Europe: Belgium, England, France, Isle Of Man, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland

Central Asia: Georgia
special skills- audio post production on Pro Tools
- over 2500 episodes of daily series MARIENHOF shot with 3 cams simultaneously
own equipment- fully equipped with high class production sound gear
- sound archive of wild tracks and ambiences
- synths und samplers for sound design
- Pro Tools project studio
- VW Caddy Life Maxi

immediate working area Munich, worldwide
1st residence Bavaria
other possibilities of accommodation Berlin, Cape Town
associations German Film Sound Association [de], Verband Deutscher Tonmeister e.V.