Tondowski Films GbR

Production Company

Tondowski Films GbR: Production Company

Contact Alex Tondowski
Phone +49 33238 20587
Phone 2    +49 30 91556029
Fax+49 33238 20586
Mobile +49 176 24548767
Address   Krieler Landweg 3
14662 Mühlenberge

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Projects as production company
year title movie type director
2018 Displaced Feature Film Sharon Ryba-Kahn
2018 Awalatje - Die Hebammen Documentary, ZDF [de] Sarah Noa Bozenhardt
2017 Born in Evin Documentary Maryam Zaree
2016 Faith Hope Love Documentary Katja Fedulova
2016 Ava Indie Feature F... Sabine Nawrath
2013 Sonntags Short Feature F... Ira Tondowski
2012 Heart Bargain Indie Feature F... Nicolai Albrecht
2011 Song from the Forest Documentary Michael Obert
2008 Projekt: Nordwind Report Stefanie Platen
2008 North Wind Short Feature F... Ira Völker

experience shooting in foreign countries North America: USA

Central Africa: Central African Republic
year of foundation 2005
immediate working area HQ: Berlin