At Crew United registered projects
year title movie type comment
2017 Der Hauptgewinn Short Feature Film
2017 Divicon - Wenn jeder Ton zählt (Pitch) Commercial
2016 Tray - Masterpeace. Eskala Music Music Video
2015 Skywriters Short Documentary
2014 The Fantastic Love of Beeboy and Flowergir... Short Feature Film
2014 Wer ist Zoé? Short Feature Film
2014 The Bittersweet Taste of Power (aka. Droge... Indie Feature Film
2014 Comedy - Cleopatra Spec Commercial
2013 Das blühende Leben Short Feature Film
2013 Life Long / A Vie Short Feature Film
2013 FMX 2014 - Rugby Bugs (Trailer) Commercial
2013 WAKÜ Teleskopleitern - Beste Verarbeitungs... Commercial