Martin Sheen

At Crew United registered projects
year title movie type part
2015 Grace & Frankie TV Series, Netflix Robert Hanson [DHR] dubbed by Eberhard Haar
2014 Grace & Frankie TV Series, Netflix Robert [DHR] dubbed by Eberhard Haar
2011 The Amazing Spiderman Feature Film Uncle Ben [NR]
2009 The Way Feature Film Tom [NR]
2008 Bhopal - A Prayer for Rain Feature Film Handersson [NR]
2001 Catch Me if You Can Feature Film Roger Strong [HR]
1999 Texas Story Feature Film Grandpa Sparta [HR]
1999 Lisa Picard is Famous Feature Film Ralph [HR]
1996 Hostile Waters TV Movie, BBC [uk] Aurora Skipper [HR]
1994 Dillinger & Capone TV Movie John Dillinger [HR]
1987 Judgement in Berlin TV Movie Herbert J Stern [HR]
1986 Josh, the Logan Legend Documentary, PBS [us] Martin Sheen
1979 Apocalypse Now Feature Film Captain Benjamin L. Willard [HR]