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Projects as production company
year title movie type director comment
2012 The Physician Feature Film Philipp Stölzl Koproduzent

Projects as distribution company | 20 of 34 |
year title movie type director comment
2017 Zwei Herren im Anzug Feature Film Josef Bierbichler Weltvertrieb
2017 Trautmann Feature Film Marcus H. Rosenmüller Worl Sales
2017 The Most Beautiful Couple Feature Film Sven Taddicken Weltvertrieb
2017 ga Feature Film Milko Lazarov Weltvertrieb
2016 Cobain Feature Film Nanouk Leopold World Sales
2016 Layla M. Feature Film Mieke de Jong
2016 What will People say / Hva vil folk si Feature Film Iram Haq
2016 3 Tage in Quiberon Feature Film Emily Atef
2016 Shelter Feature Film Eran Riklis World Sales
2016 3 Way Junction Feature Film Jürgen Bollmeyer Weltvertrieb
2016 Die Unsichtbaren - Wir wollen leben Feature Film Claus Räfle
2016 Styx Feature Film Wolfgang Fischer Weltvertrieb
2016 In Times of Fading Light Feature Film Matti Geschonneck Weltvertrieb
2016 The Happy Prince Feature Film Rupert Everett Weltvertrieb
2016 Iceman Feature Film Felix Randau Worldsales
2015 Inshallah Istafadit / Blessed Benefit Feature Film Mahmoud al Massad World Sales
2015 Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank Feature Film Hans Steinbichler Weltvertrieb
2015 SMS fr Dich Feature Film Karoline Herfurth Weltvertrieb
2015 Die Blumen von gestern Feature Film Chris Kraus Weltvertrieb
2015 24 Weeks Feature Film Anne Zohra Berrached Weltvertrieb

year of foundation 2011
immediate working area HQ: Oberhaching b. München