Franziska Singer  VÖFS

Franziska Singer, actor, Wien
Franziska Singer, actor, Wien
Franziska Singer, actor, Wien
Franziska Singer, actor, Wien
Franziska Singer, actor, Wien
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Year of birth: 1986 in Wien

Agentur Evi Bischof
Phone      +49 30 55123540
Mobile     +49 174 3352170

Gewinner des beim Goldenen Kleinkunstnagel - Kabarett Newcomer

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2004 to 2007 Schauspielschule Krauss GesmbH - Lehranstalt mit Öffent...

year award
2016 Goldener Kleinkunstnagel - Kategorie Newcomer

Projects as actress
year title movie type director part
2016 Nebel im August Feature Film Kai Wessel Frau Klein [SR]
2016 My Jurassic Place Feature Film Danny Bellens Waitress [SR]
2016 Grießnockerlaffäre Feature Film Ed Herzog Annemarie Hausladen [SR]
2015 Monaco 110 TV Series, BR Carsten Meyer-Grohbr... Bianca Löbner [GS]
2014 CopStories TV Series, ORF various Tereza [SSR]
2014 Woman in Gold Feature Film Simon Curtis Box Office Employee [SR]
2014 Burning Souls TV Movie, ZDF Urs Egger Ellin [SR]
2012 Laura Short Feature Fil... Sonja Aufderklamm Laura [L]
2011 Lilly Schönauer - Liebe auf den zweiten Bl... TV-Movie (Series), ARD Peter Sämann Lissy [SR]
2011 Your Beauty Is Worth Nothing Indie Feature Fil... Hüseyin Tabak Cems Freundin [SR]
2010 Die Abstauber TV Movie, ORF, SWR Wolfgang Murnberger Kellnerin [SR]
2010 SOKO Kitzbühel TV Series, ORF, ZDF various Patrizia Patek [SR]
2010 Aschenputtel TV-Movie (Series), ZDF Susanne Zanke Baronesse Marianne [SR]
2009 In Another Life Feature Film, ORF Elisabeth Scharang Poldi Schrabacher [L]

Basic details
self portrayal englishAfter I got my diploma in acting, I studied English at the University of Vienna to improve my pronunciation and get rid of the typical German (or Austrian) accent. I am a very versatile actress and love to play different characters - funny, unlucky or tough; princess, maid or cop - I'm all in. 
height162 cm - 5' 4'' ft/in 
body typeslim 
skin type White Central European
hair colourred 
hair lengthlong 
eye colourblue 
nationality German, Austrian
languages German (mother tongue), English (fluently), Italian (basic), French (basic)
Bavarian (native), Lower Austrian, Austrian (native), Viennese
instruments piano (basic knowledge)
skills (dances) Belly Dancing / Oriental Dance (basic knowledge), Pole Dance (professional)
skills (sports) aerial hoop, acrobatics, yoga
immediate working area Vienna
1st residence Vienna
other possibilities of accommodation Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco
associations Austrian`s Actor`s Association [at]