Andreas Marschall

At Crew United registered projects | 20 of 49 |
year title movie type credited as comment
2017 Schlafes Bruder - Rock me Amadeus (Cover) Music Video director
2016 Sarah Ego aka Eliyo - Ave Maria Music Video director
2015 Das kalte Herz Feature Film co-writer
2013 German Angst Indie Feature Film director, screenwriter, editor
2013 Schlafes Bruder - Heilig Music Video director
2013 Schlafes Bruder - Ritter und Knecht Music Video director, editor
2010 Masks Feature Film director, screenwriter
2009 K.C. McKanzie - Dryland Music Video director
2007 Rot Short Feature Film director
2006 She-Male Trouble - I Never Forget Music Video editor
2006 MDR Sputnik - Radio Zombies Commercial director
2004 Tears of Kali - The Dark Side Of New Age Feature Film director, editor Ravenna 2004
2004 Ich dich auch Short Feature Film editor
2003 Der Kali Prozess Short Feature Film director, screenwriter
2002 Test & Feel Thri3ller (Trailer) Image Film director
2001 In Extremo - Wind Music Video editor
2000 Fragmente einer Ehe Short Feature Film director
1999 Moonspell - Butterfly FX Music Video director
1999 BetaBusiness TV GmbH - Imagetrailer '99 Image Film director
1998 Guano Apes - Rain Music Video director