Julian C. Steiner

director of photography

Julian C. Steiner, director of photography, Berlin

 Showreel (extern)
Mobile   +49 151 27014989
Email   mail@jcs-dop.com
Homepage    http://www.jcs-dop.com
+49 30 55528714


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Projects as director of photography
year title movie type director production comment
2018 Holykarma Fashion Film various Bigfish Filmprodukti... ARRI Alexa Mini - Angenieux 56...
2017 Chocolate Man Short Feature F... Murat Gönültas Filmakademie Baden-W... ARRI Alexa - Hawk V-Plus | Ang...
2017 Share Foods GmbH - Das 1+1 Pri... Commercial Jasmin Lord Atropos Filmprodukti... ARRI Alexa - Master Primes
2016 Horizon Zero Dawn - The World ... Spec Commercial Cornelius Schick Filmakademie Baden-W... RED Dragon - Leica Summicron C
2016 Desert - Get rest Spec Commercial Peer-André Grote Filmakademie Baden-W... ARRI AMIRA - LEICA Summicron
2016 Ihr wart einst Finsternis (Tes... Series Pilot Katja Ginnow Filmakademie Baden-W... ARRI ALEXA XT - Hawk V-Plus Le...
2015 Kanone Short Feature F... Arvid Klapper Filmakademie Baden-W... RED Dragon 6K - Zeiss HS
2015 Westwing - The Coup Spec Commercial Peer-André Grote Filmakademie Baden-W... ARRI Alexa - Zeiss HS
2015 ITFS - Animan Trailer Michael Lange Filmakademie Baden-W... ARRI Alexa - Ultra Primes
2015 Wünsch dir was - 我... Short Feature F... Klaus Merkel Filmakademie Baden-W... ARRI Alexa Plus - B & L Super ...
2014 Dodo Short Feature F... Arvid Klapper Filmakademie Baden-W... ARRI 416 Plus - Zeiss HS
2014 The Correct Insult Short Feature F... Janis Aschberger Filmakademie Baden-W... ARRI Alexa - Ultra Primes
2014 Heil Short Documenta... Eva Gördes Filmakademie Baden-W... Sony F55 - Zeiss HS
2014 Black & Decker - Dustbuster Spec Commercial Daniel Titz Filmakademie Baden-W... RED One MX - Zeiss HS
2013 Louis and Luk Short Documenta... Sandra Wollner Filmakademie Baden-W... ARRI 416 Plus - Zeiss HS
2013 Tunnelblick Short Feature F... Tarek Roehlinger Filmakademie Baden-W... Canon 5D Mark II
2012 Incubus Short Feature F... Daniel Titz Filmakademie Baden-W...
2012 Ignition Short Feature F... Julius Grimm Freak Films, Prager ...
2011 Stellenweise Leben (Bewerbungs... Short Feature F... Fabian Prager Fabian Prager Produk...
2010 Shattered Short Feature F... Julian C. Steiner Julian Steiner Produ...

Basic details
self portrayal englishJulian is a Director of Photography. He started out as a Painter but as much as he loved it he couldn´t get his paintings to move so he began studying cinematography at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

Today he is based in Berlin and is available for projects worldwide.
nationality German
languages German (mother tongue), English (fluently)
experience shooting in foreign countries North America: USA

Northern Europe: Iceland

Eastern Europe: Poland

Southern Europe: Spain

Western Europe: France, Austria, Switzerland
special skillsRUSSIAN ARM
Highspeed (Weiss HS2 / Phantom Gold)
35/16/8mm - Film
green/blue - screen
Helicopter Aerials (nose&sidemount) & Drone
Motioncontrol (MILO)
own equipment- Belichtungsmesser Sekonic L-758 Digitalmaster Cine
- Alan Gordon Directors Viewfinder
- MacBook Pro Retina
licences B (car)
immediate working area Berlin, München
1st residence Berlin
other possibilities of accommodation Berlin, Munich, Ludwigsburg, Nuremberg