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FEEDMEE Design GmbH: Production Company

Contact Susanne Frericks
Phone +49 221 546760
Fax+49 221 5467610
Email hungree@feedmee.de
Homepage   http://www.feedmee.com
Address   Lichtstraße 43a
50825 Köln

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Projects as production company
year title movie type director comment
2017 Birkenstock - Am See Commercial Anton Riedel
2015 Father and Sun - Here in the Rain Music Video Susanne Frericks
2015 Super RTL - Dreamworks Campaign Title Sequence Anton Riedel
2014 kurzundschön Festival 2014 (Trailer) Trailer Susanne Frericks
2012 Sturmfrei TV Series, KiKA Kinder... Martin Busker
2012 Die Sendung mit der Maus TV Magazine, ARD Susanne Frericks Clips: hier tanzt die Maus
2011 Sturmfrei TV Series, KiKA Kinder... Anton Riedel
2010 kurzundschön Festival 2011 (Trailer) Trailer Susanne Frericks
2008 Disney Channel - Soccer Scientist (8 Short... Short Feature F... Susanne Frericks
2008 Discovery Channel - Smartass (7 Short Film... Short Feature F..., Discovery C... Susanne Frericks
2008 Lautlos Short Feature F... Susanne Frericks
2002 WDR Station ID - Ostern Station ID Susanne Frericks
2001 Die Fingers TV Series, Disney Chan... Susanne Frericks
2001 Disney channel - Liga Disney Channel (Open... Commercial Anton Riedel
2000 Die Fingers TV Series, Disney Chan... Susanne Frericks


Gerhard Menschik
Geschäftsführer / Managment
phone: +49 221 546760
eMail: gerry@feedmee.de

Susanne Frericks
Geschäftsführerin / Regie
phone: +49 221 546760
mobile: +49 172 2528195
eMail: susanne@feedmee.de

Anton Riedel
Geschäftsführer / Regie
phone: +49 221 546760
eMail: deranton@feedmee.de

Laura Giersdorf
phone: +49 221 546760
eMail: laura@feedmee.de

Jenn Feist
phone: +49 221 546760
eMail: jenn@feedmee.de

Tina Haffke
phone: +49 221 546760
eMail: tina@feedmee.de

Sabine Dully
phone: +49 221 546760
eMail: sabine@feedmee.de

Eugen Laitenberger
phone: +49 221 546760
eMail: eugen@feedmee.de

Stefan Wiesner
Programmierung und Schnitt
phone: +49 221 546760
eMail: stefanwiesner@feedmee.de

Billi Wesselburg
phone: +49 221 546760
eMail: billi@feedmee.de

Katharina Keuenhof
Die Gute Fee
phone: +49 221 546760
eMail: katharina@feedmee.de

company profileFEEDMEE DESIGN is an international creative agency based in Cologne, Germany, and headed by general manager Gerhard Menschik and directors Susanne Lüchtrath and Anton Riedel.
Founded in 1999 FEEDMEE specializes in directing, motion graphics and character design, but prefers to combine them all. "That's impossible!" people often say. At FEEDMEE, we pretend we didn't hear, and just do it. Feedmee…wee are hungree!
year of foundation 1999
number of employees 8
immediate working area HQ: Cologne