Udo Kier

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year title movie type part
2018 M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder TV Series, ORF, RTL Cr... [DHR]
2017 Daughter of Mine Feature Film Bruno [HR]
2016 Downsizing Feature Film Joris [NR]
2015 Iron Sky - The Coming Race Feature Film Wolfgang Kortzfleisch / Adolf Hitler [HR]
2015 Get Well Soon - It's Love Music Video Mann [HR]
2015 Shanzo Teaser (Film Concept) Jago [NR]
2014 Coconut Hero Feature Film Therapeut Mr. Morrow [NR]
2014 Altes Geld TV Series Millardär Rolf Rauchensteiner [DHR]
2013 Zero Feature Film The lord of the world [HR]
2013 Arteholic Documentary as himself
2013 Iron Sky The Coming Race - Der Mondführer Crowdfunding-Video Wolfgang Kortzfleisch [HR]
2012 Nymphomaniac Feature Film Der Kellner [NR] dubbed by Franz-Georg-Maria Steg...
2012 Terranova - Prayer Music Video Udo Kier [HR]
2011 MOI JE - Udo Kier, Comédian Documentary, arte, RB Ra... Udo Kier [HR]
2010 Iron Sky Feature Film Wolfgang Höss [HR]
2010 Der Himmel hat vier Ecken Feature Film Graf Karpatovicz [NR]
2010 Ufo in her Eyes Feature Film Steve Frost [HR]
2010 Borgia TV Series, Canal+ [fr] Papst Innozenz VIII [NR]
2009 My Son My Son What Have Ye Done Feature Film Lee Meyers [HR]
2009 Live is too long Feature Film Mohammed Tabatabai / Pescatore [NR]