Bertram Verhaag

At Crew United registered projects | 20 of 32 |
year title movie type credited as comment
2017 Geächtetes Wissen Documentary director, screenwriter
2009 The Farmer and his Prince Documentary screenwriter, director, producer
2014 Vom Wert der Tiere Documentary director
2014 Sowing Seeds in Hearts Documentary director, screenwriter
2014 Code of Survival or the End of Genetic Eng... Documentary director, screenwriter
2013 The Beloved Cattle Documentary, BR [de] director, producer
2013 Of Lucky Cows Documentary director, producer
2010 Árpád Pusztai - Whistleblower Documentary director, producer
2010 Der Landhändler - Ganz ohne Gentechnik Documentary director
2010 EM-Tage auf der Fraueninsel 2010 (DVD) Documentary director, producer
2009 Scientists under Attack Documentary director, producer
2009 Der Bauer, der das Gras wachsen hört Documentary director, producer
2009 Vandana Shiva - Zerstört die Agro-GENtechn... Documentary director, producer
2008 Pensioners Inc. Documentary, arte, WDR [... director
2008 Life in Plastic... Documentary, arte, NDR [... director
2008 Percy Schmeiser - David versus Monsanto Documentary director
2007 Der Bauer mit den Regenwürmern Documentary director
2007 SEKEM - Mit der Kraft der Sonne. Ibrahim A... Documentary, arte, RB - ... director
2005 Andeer ist anders - Biokäse in Graubünden Documentary director, producer
2004 Life running out of control Documentary, arte, SWR [... director, producer