Christian Arnold

Christian Arnold, actor, Berlin

Year of birth: 1984 in Berlin
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Projects as actor | 20 of 22 |
year title movie type director part
2015 Der Prinz (aka Taxi Girl) Indie Feature Fil... Matthias J. Michel Paul [L]
2014 Leibgericht Short Feature Fil... Lucas Thiem Sebastian [L]
2014 Blochin - Die Lebenden und die Toten TV Series, ZDF Matthias Glasner Spusi-Karl [SR]
2013 Patt Short Feature Fil... Sinisa Galic Jung [L]
2013 Pocket Symphonies - Klanggeburt Commercial Kai Schonrath The Musican [SR]
2013 SWP Schul-Webportal - Alles so einfach Commercial Dominik Balkow Lehrer [L]
2013 SOKO Leipzig TV Series, ZDF Michel Bielawa Boris Kohn [SR]
2012 Stick To It Short Feature Fil... Paul Moragiannis Jan [L]
2012 Beziehungskiller Short Feature Fil... Romana Sonntag Beziehungskiller [L]
2012 Innere Front Short Feature Fil... Katharina Woll Tim [L]
2012 Auf Wiedersehen Short Feature Fil... Ewa Wikiel Markus [L]
2012 Claustrum Short Feature Fil... Ewa Wikiel Protagonist [L]
2012 Snacks (Bewerbungsfilm) Short Feature Fil... Conrad Mildner Christoph [L]
2012 Das Pinke vom Himmel Short Feature Fil... Antonia Hungerland Frederik [L]
2012 SOKO Wismar TV Series, ZDF Bruno Grass Markus (Spieler 3) [SR]
2011 28 Hertz (Bewerbungsfilm) Short Feature Fil... Rico Mahel Thomas [L]
2011 Über das Meer in die Freiheit Documentary, NDR Arend Agthe Hameister [L]
2011 Alles nicht wahr Short Feature Fil... Sebastian Giertz Alex [L]
2011 Feueralarm Short Feature Fil... Anna Linke Henning [SR]
2009 The Day the Snowflakes Fall No More Short Feature Fil... Sebastian Matthias W... Christian Arnold [SR]

Basic details
height178 cm - 5' 10'' ft/in 
weight70 kg - 154 lb. 
body typeathletic-sporty 
skin type White Central European
hair colourdark brown 
hair lengthshort 
eye colourgreen 
nationality German
languages German (mother tongue), English (fluently), Spanish (basic), Russian (basic)
Berliners, Hamburgisch, Low German
singing Chanson (professional), Musical (professional), Rock/Pop (professional)
skills (dances) Latin-American (good), Standard (good)
skills (sports) acrobatics, badminton, bowling, dressage, fencing (stage), canoeing, horseback riding, shooting (archery), shooting (rifle), shooting (hand-gun), ice skating, swimming, show jumping, volleyball, vaulting, water skiing, wind surfing, yoga
licences A (motorcycle) [DE], BE (car with trailer), CE (Truck trailer), L (tractor), M (autocycle), T (tractor)
immediate working area Berlin
1st residence Berlin
other possibilities of accommodation Cologne, Hamburg, Bremen, Dresden, Hannover, Leipzig, Rostock