Helena Prince

Helena Prince, actor, Berlin

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Projects as actress
year title movie type director part
2016 Anne und der König von Dresden TV Movie, ZDF Karola Meeder BBC-Reporterin [BP]
2014 12 Theses (NOT COMPLETED) Indie Feature Fil... Stefan Asang Mrs. Schwab [BP]
2013 The Voices Feature Film Marjane Satrapi Sierra Club Leader [BP]
2012 Siemens Medical Solutions - Womens' Health Corporate Film Martin Rehbock Blue Woman
2009 Lovesongs for Scumbags Feature Film Phillip Lee Duncan Dougs Mutter [SR]

Projects as dubber / speaker
year title movie type dubbed actor part
2009 Hindenburg TV Movie (multi..., RTL Postpro additional voice over

Basic details
height178 cm - 5' 10'' ft/in 
body typefull figure/heavyset 
skin type Scandinavian, White Central European
hair colourdark blond 
hair lengthmedium 
eye colourgreen 
nationality U.S.-American
languages German (fluently), English (mother tongue), French (basic)
British (Standard), Cockney, Irish Accent, New York Accent, American Southern-English
singing Jazz (good), Classic (good), Musical (good), Rock/Pop (good)
skills (dances) Ballet (good), Salsa (good), Standard (good)
skills (sports) inline skating, horseback riding
experience shooting in foreign countries North America: USA

Western Europe: France
immediate working area Berlin
1st residence Berlin
other possibilities of accommodation Hamburg, Austin (Texas), Los Angeles, New York