Matthias Grunsky

director of photography

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Projects as director of photography | 20 of 38 |
year title movie type director production comment
2017 Marlene Indie Feature F... Andreas Resch Resch-Filme UG (haft...
2017 Support the Girls Feature Film Andrew Bujalski Burn Later Productio...
2016 Saints Rest Indie Feature F... Noga Ashkenazi Lama Films [il]
2016 Infinity Baby Indie Feature F... Bob Byington Faliro House [gr]
2015 Hotel Arizona Teaser (Series ... Devin Browne Hotel Arizona, Kelly...
2015 The Honor Farm Indie Feature F... Karen Skloss The Folding Animals ...
2014 Results Feature Film Andrew Bujalski Results Movie LLC [u...
2013 A Livre Ouvert TV Series, France 2 [f... various Point Prod SA [ch]
2012 Ready.Set.Art! Documentary, arte, SWR [... Alexa O. Schulz Filmtank GmbH
2011 Computer Chess Feature Film Andrew Bujalski Computer Chess, LLC ... Spirit Awards nominiert für be...
2010 Tropical Amsterdam Documentary Alexa O. Schulz Blue Moon Film
2009 Man without a Head Feature Film Johnny Roc ScreenWorld Films [u...
2007 Planet Buten Documentary, TSI [ch] various Switch Prod [ch]
2007 Sorry, Thanks Feature Film Dia Sokol Good Egg Entertainme...
2007 Beeswax Feature Film Andrew Bujalski Sisters Project, LLC...
2007 Pretty Sea Indie Feature F... Shelby Langley Shelby Langley Produ...
2006 Nights And Weekends Feature Film Joe Swanberg Film Science [us]
2006 Have A Seat Short Feature F... Johnny Roc ScreenWorld Films [u...
2006 NIMH National Institute of Men... Commercial Jeffrey DeChausse Boxer Films [us]
2006 Carjacking Short Feature F... Danny Passman Carjacking Film, Dan...

Film projects in other activities
year title movie type director production comment
2007 Basement Jack Feature Film Michael Shelton Island Gateway Films 2nd unit dop
1996 Bockerer II Feature Film Franz Antel Epo-Film Produktions... 1st assistant camera
1996 Crazy Moon TV Movie Peter Patzak Fernsehfilmproduktio... 1st assistant camera
1995 Das Ende eines normalen Tages TV Movie Heide Pils Sator Film GmbH [de] 1st assistant camera
1994 Before Sunrise Feature Film Richard Linklater Detour Filmproductio... clapper/loader

Basic details
nationality Austrian
languages German (mother tongue), English (fluently)
experience shooting in foreign countries North America: Mexico, USA

East Africa: Eritrea

South Africa: South Africa

South America: Brazil

Southeast Asia: Sri Lanka

Western Europe: Germany, France, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland
immediate working area Munich
1st residence Bavaria