Lana Kloodt

At Crew United registered projects
year title movie type credited as comment
2016 Raus Feature Film digital film compositor
2015 Avenir - Laden & Café gleich um die Ecke Commercial editor
2014 Kruego - Bay Ran Bounce Music Video editor
2013 Von guten Händen Short Feature Film editor
2013 The Love Police Documentary editor
2013 Mutti - Punkrock was my first love Documentary editor
2013 Loifior - Phantasie Music Video editor
2011 Hortensien-Hotel Short Feature Film editor
2011 Interelektrika feat. Leopold Nilski - Tage... Music Video editor
2011 Closed GmbH - Kids Campaign A/W 2011/201... Commercial editor
2010 Schallstörung Short Feature Film script supervisor
2010 Toilet Stories Indie Feature Film script supervisor
2008 Leblos Short Feature Film editor
2008 The Canadians - Killing Seal Tour Music Video editor