Sascha El Gendi

first assistant camera, camera operator

Sascha El Gendi, first assistant camera, camera operator, München

Mobile   +49 177 2701437
Phone   +49 177 2701437
Address    Volkartstrasse 66
80636 München

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Projects as first assistant camera | 20 of 52 | SHOW ALL
year title movie type director of photo... production comment
2017 Ed Sheeran - Perfect Music Video Johnny Valencia Feit Film GmbH [ch] Ronin Pro, Red Weapon
2017 Urlaub mit Mama TV Movie, ARD, Degeto Peter Döttling Letterbox Filmproduk... 1DT Verona Unit
2017 Oma ist verknallt (aka Drei Fr... TV Movie, ARD, Degeto Florian Schilling Wasabi Film GmbH & C... 3DT B-Cam, Steadicam
2017 Zimmer mit Stall - Ab in die B... TV Movie, ARD Sönke Hansen Roxy Film GmbH A-Cam
2017 Unheimlich perfekte Freunde Feature Film Stefan Biebl VIAFILM GmbH & Co. K... A-Cam, Steadicam
2017 Das schlafende Mädchen TV Movie, ZDF Armin Golisano Wiedemann & Berg Tel... A-Cam, Steadicam
2017 Beats by Dr. Dre - FC Bayern. ... Commercial Alastair McKevitt True Motion Pictures... A-Cam
2017 Trautmann Feature Film Daniel Gottschalk Lieblingsfilm GmbH Zusatz 2DT 1.Unit, 1DT 2.Unit
2017 FrauMutterTier Feature Film Stefan Biebl Mixtvision Medienges... A-Cam, Steadicam
2017 Wir lieben das Leben TV Movie, ZDF Armin Golisano Wiedemann & Berg Tel... A-Cam, Steadicam
2016 Tödliche Geheimnisse - Jagd in... TV Movie Armin Golisano Wiedemann & Berg Tel... A-Cam, Steadicam
2016 Aldi Süd - Expressi. Elisabett... Commercial Dieter Deventer Cream Film Productio... B-Cam
2016 Frühling – Nichts gegen Papa TV-Movie (Serie..., ZDF Armin Golisano Ufa Fiction GmbH A-Cam und Steadicam
2016 Canon - Lifecycle Commercial Shaun Atherton True Motion Pictures...
2016 Chli Häx Feature Film Matthias Fleischer Claussen+Putz Filmpr... A-CAM, Steadicam
2016 Tödliche Geheimnisse TV Movie, ARD, Degeto Armin Golisano Dreamtool Entertainm... A-Cam und Steadicam
2016 DHL / FC Bayern - Mia san mia.... Commercial Jo Molitoris E+P Films GmbH A-Cam
2016 Head & Shoulders - Gladiator Commercial Jackson Hunt Prettybird [us] B-Cam, Steadicam
2015 The Art of Fight (Internetfilm... Short Feature F... Michael Rathgeber Distillery Productio...
2015 Rewe - Dein Markt. Es müllert Commercial Bernd Deuber It's us Media GmbH Sony FS7 PL

Projects as camera operator
year title movie type director production comment
2017 Zimmer mit Stall - Ab in die B... TV Movie, ARD Ingo Rasper Roxy Film GmbH 2nd Unit, 2DT B-Cam, 4DT Stead...
2017 Unheimlich perfekte Freunde Feature Film Marcus H. Rosenmül... VIAFILM GmbH & Co. K... div. Drehtage, z.T Steadicam

Film projects in other activities | 20 of 50 | SHOW ALL
year title movie type director production comment
2014 Tag der Wahrheit TV Movie, arte, SWR Anna Justice Kordes & Kordes Film... DIT digital imaging te...On-Set Colorist, R...
2014 Twelfth Night Short Feature F... Kathrin Anna Stahl Filmstahl, Kathrin A... DIT digital imaging te...On-Set Colorist Ex...
2013 Somat - Couple Dinner Commercial Christian Riebe E+P Films GmbH second assistant camer...
2013 V8 - Die Rache der Nitros Feature Film Joachim Masannek Rat Pack Filmprodukt... DIT digital imaging te...LiveGrade,Arri Ale...
2013 Naturwohl Pharma - Taumea Commercial Richard Höfler E+P Films GmbH second assistant camer...
2013 Hirngespinster Feature Film Christian Bach Glory Film GmbH second assistant camer...Alexa Plus
2013 Das finstere Tal Feature Film Andreas Prochaska Allegro Filmprodukti... second assistant camer...+DIT, 2 DT Zusatz
2012 Zurich Feature Film Frederik Steiner Peter Heilrath Filmp... DIT digital imaging te...
2012 3096 Tage Feature Film Sherry Hormann Constantin Film second assistant camer...Alexa Plus
2012 Mnozil Brass - Blofeld Music Video Jasmina Hajdany Larpurnu Produktion ... director of photograph...
2012 Sky - The Theft Commercial Andreas Hoffmann Element e Filmproduk... DIT digital imaging te...Alexa Plus,LIVE GR...
2012 BIFI - Jubiläum Commercial Andreas Hoffmann Bubbles Film GmbH second assistant camer...Arri Alexa
2012 V 8 - Du willst der Beste sei... Feature Film Joachim Masannek Rat Pack Filmprodukt... DIT digital imaging te...Alexa Plus,Red Epi...
2012 BMW - Power & Trees Commercial John Dolan Tempomedia Filmprodu... second assistant camer...Arri Alexa
2012 Right Guard Deo - Kicker Commercial Barton Landsman RadicalMedia LLC DIT digital imaging te...ON SET DAILIES-ALE...
2012 Mercedes-Benz A-Klasse - Hunge... Commercial Alex & Liane Tempomedia Filmprodu... DIT digital imaging te...ON SET DAILIES-RED...
2011 München 2018 - Class of Champi... Image Film Peter Ladkani HelliVentures Filmpr... second assistant camer...ProRes,ARRI ALEXA
2011 Ludwig II. Feature Film various Bavaria Pictures Gmb... DIT digital imaging te...ARRIRAW,,LIVE GRAD...
2011 Two Lives Feature Film Georg Maas Zinnober Film GmbH second assistant camer...ARRI ALEXA,B-Focus...
2011 Türkisch für Anfänger Feature Film Bora Dagtekin Rat Pack Filmprodukt... DIT digital imaging te...LIVE GRADE, Arri A...

 type description
DataWrangler 15"
DataWrangler 13"
Heated LensBox

Basic details
self portrayal englishSince I completed my first training in the area in 2005, I have participated in plenty of productions of feature films and commercials. After starting as a VTO, I worked my way up through all the steps to become a first assistant camera as which I have been working now since 2013. 
nationality German
languages German (mother tongue), English (fluently), Spanish (basic)
experience shooting in foreign countries Northern Europe: Iceland, Norway

Eastern Europe: Poland, Czech Republic

South Africa: South Africa

Southern Europe: Italy, Croatia, Turkey

Southeast Asia: Thailand

Western Europe: Belgium, France, Austria, Scotland, Switzerland
special skillsImperial and Metric Focuspulling
Steadicam (Betz-Rig, Pro-Rig, Baerbel-Rig, 3D Steady-Rigs)
Digital 3D (Fusion,P+S,etc.)
Underwater Shooting with Scubacam and Hydroflex (Drytec)
Cameras: Arri Alexa, Sony, Red, Panasonic, Canon, Weisscam, Phantom, etc.
Formats: Arri Raw, Red Raw, ProRes, HD-Cam SR, etc.
Recorder: Sony SRW-1, Codex, Venom Flashpack, S.two, etc.
Software: Resolve, OSD,Q-Take, Silverstack, Adobe, etc
Digital postproduction and color grading
Workflow development for digital productions
own equipmentHeated Lens boxes
Illuminated Slates
Lens Backpacks
rugged Accessory boxes
various AC- and Mountain Equipment
Mobile DataWrangler/QTake
MacBook Pro 15" Retina
MacBook Pro 13" Retina
Speichermedien, SSD
TV Logic W058, Focuspuller Monitor
Flanders Reference Monitor
HD Beamer
Cardellini HeadLock

mobile Espresso Maker :-)

licences A (motorcycle) [DE], B (car), C1 (truck < 3,5t <= 7,5t), Fahrerkarte (D)
immediate working area Munich
1st residence Bavaria