Engelkes TV

TV Production, Production Company

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Projects as production company
year title movie type director comment
2016 Bertelsmann Stiftung - Jakob Muth Preis 20... Image Film Ulfert Engelkes
2013 Bertelsmann Stiftung - Vielfalt fördern. E... Image Film Ulfert Engelkes
2011 Bertelsmann Stiftung - Jakob Muth-Preis 20... Image Film Ulfert Engelkes
2010 Sunset Beach Hotel - Image Commercial Ulfert Engelkes
2010 Senegambia Beach Hotel Gambia - Image Image Film Ulfert Engelkes
2009 Bildungsdirektion Zürich - Schulerfolg für... Documentary Ulfert Engelkes
2009 Bertelsmann-Stiftung - Jakob-Muth-Preis 20... Report Ulfert Engelkes
2009 Die Zehn Gebote - Schwesternliebe Documentary (Mi..., HR Marco Giacopuzzi
2009 Projekthilfe Dritte Welt e.V - Gambia. 7.0... Report Ulfert Engelkes
2008 Bertelsmann Stiftung - Portraits der Nomin... Report Ulfert Engelkes
2007 Bertelsmann Stiftung - Preisträger Carl Be... Report Ulfert Engelkes
1993 Grenzbilder Documentary, MDR Ulfert Engelkes Engelkes TV

experience shooting in foreign countries Central America: Puerto Rico

Middle East: Israel

North Africa: Egypt, Morocco

North America: Canada, USA

Northern Europe: Norway, Sweden

East Africa: Tanzania

East Asia: China, Japan

Eastern Europe: Moldova, Poland, Russia

Southern Europe: Turkey

Southeast Asia: India

West Africa: Gambia, Mauritania, Senegal, Sierra Leone

Western Europe: Great Britain, Switzerland
year of foundation 2007
number of employees 1
immediate working area HQ: Cologne