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Production Company, commercial production, service production filmproduktion gmbh: Production Company, commercial production, service production

Contact Gitte Schilly
Phone +49 211 515813-0
Fax+49 211 51581319
Mobile +49 171 5436289
Address   Tußmannstr 70
40477 Düsseldorf

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year title movie type director
2017 Henkel Xtra Duo Caps - Formula Easy Commercial Jan Rasmus Voss
2017 Henkel Bref - Boxing Gloves Commercial Niels Grabøl
2017 Henkel Bref - Micro Brushes Commercial Niels Grabøl
2017 Dr. Devias - Plan A Commercial Shinichi Kudo
2016 Bref - Freshness Squeezer Commercial Markus Stummer
2016 Loctite - Break it, fix it Commercial Maximilian Gerlach
2016 HUK Coburg - Myles and More Commercial Sinan Akkus
2016 Teekanne - Sweeteas & Origins (2 Spots) Commercial Corinna Winter
2016 Henkel - Mit den X-Tra Caps von Henkel tanzt Du die Flecken einfach weg Commercial David Aufdembrinke
2016 Teekanne - Tee ist der neue Kaffee Commercial Manuel Werner
2016 Spee - Duo Caps & Bügelleicht (2 Spots) Commercial Markus Stummer
2016 Targobank - Hier komme ich gerne hin Commercial Andreas Andè
2016 Fast Rent - Miet mit Speed Commercial Hans von Sonntag
2016 Nexa Lotte - Insektenköder Frosch Commercial Hans von Sonntag
2016 Rewe Willms Fleisch - Zum scharfen Eck Commercial Dino Fetzer
2016 Somat - Cupcake, Burger Commercial Markus Stummer
2016 Turkcell Europe - Kochen Commercial Sinan Akkus
2015 Henkel Bref Brillante - Brillant Solution Commercial Hans von Sonntag
2015 Persil Gel - Neighbor Commercial Emmanuelle Thamie
2015 Dolormin- Heavy Metal Commercial Norbert Heitker

company profileadvertising film production company, founded 1998, located in Düsseldorf, 3 employees, freelancer, classical tv and cinema commercials, image films, corporate videos, virals 
experience shooting in foreign countries South Africa: South Africa

Southern Europe: Italy, Spain, Turkey

Western Europe: France
year of foundation 1998
number of employees 3
immediate working area HQ: Düsseldorf