Alexander Ness  GVL

Alexander Ness, actor, Berlin
Alexander Ness, actor, Berlin
Alexander Ness, actor, Berlin
Alexander Ness, actor, Berlin
Alexander Ness, actor, Berlin
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Stage32 Alexander Ness
Year of birth: 1973 in Kaufbeuren

fangfrisch GmbH
Phone    +49 30 61671380

Arbeite seit Beginn 2016 intensiv mit meinem amerikanischen Schauspielcoach und Hollywoodschauspieler Terrell Clayton an meiner internationalen Karriere

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2016 to 2016 Helden und Loser Schauspielschule Hamburg (Workshop by Jens Roth)
2016 Wöchentliches Schauspielcoaching mit Terrell Clayton Lo... (
2016 to 2016 2 Wochen intensiv Schauspielworkshop mit Terrell Clayto... (Hollywood Casting and Film Los Angeles www.claytonactingstud...)
2015 to 2015 Rothcoaching Jens Roth Berlin (Source Tuning Workshop)
2015 to 2015 Sicherheitsinstitution Berlin Schusswaffenlehrgang für ... (Abschlussdiplom)
2014 to 2014 Berlin Master Class (Bernard Hiller)
2009 to 2009 HFF München Acting and Directing Seminar (advanced by Mark. W. Travis)
2008 to 2008 HFF München Acting and Directing Seminar (by Mark. W. Travis)
2008 to 2010 Das LABOR Rollenerarbeitung nach Mark W. Travis (by Corinna von Giese)
2002 to 2010 Musikinstitut Lederle (Vocal Coaching by Paul T. Miller)
2000/6 to 2002/6 Chicken Shed Drama School London (Abschluss mit National Diploma of Drama and Performing Arts)
1999 to 1999 City Literature Institut London (Pronunciation for advanced by Jackie Gilbert)
1999 to 1999 City Literature Institut London (Introduction to acting)
1998 to 1999 Drama Zone London Wöchentlicher Schauspielworkshop (Abschlussdiplom)

Projects as actor | 20 of 26 | SHOW ALL
year title movie type director part
2015 Valentin Short Feature Fil... Ingrid Hübscher Felix [SR]
2015   Paul Workshop-Producti... Adrian Mindak Benjamin Blum [L]
2014   Terra X - Deutschland-Saga Documentary (Mini..., ZDF [de] Sebastian Scherrer Prächtiger Kaiser [BP]
2014 The Switch Workshop-Producti... Talya Kadosh Weird Guy [L]
2014 Camomile Week Workshop-Producti... Mustafa Yol Alex [L]
2014   Losing Ground Short Feature Fil... Mireya 'Mimi' Heider... Tony [SR]
2014 Bruder Tayfun Workshop-Producti... Tayfun Poyraz Alex [L]
2014 Matching Workshop-Producti... Alexander Timm Martin [L]
2014 Der Geburtstag Workshop-Producti... Ritta Ryhtä Peter [L]
2014 The longest day Workshop-Producti... Tayfun Poyraz Dr. Mueller [L]
2014 Kleber Workshop-Producti... Faris Kapo Christoph [L]
2013 Drunter und Drüber - Haus Nr. 15 Documentary Serie..., SAT.1 [de] various Daniel Freyer [LE]
2013   Spielchen Short Feature Fil... Hilmar Bast Produzent [L]
2013   The Man Behind The Mask Workshop-Producti... Mustafa Yol Doctor [L]
2013 Reality Workshop-Producti... Andrew McCargar Christian [L]
2013 International Affairs Workshop-Producti... Maria Jose Gallago Lover [SR]
2013 Coffee and Cigarettes Workshop-Producti... Judith Meister Heating Installer [SR]
2012 I.R.I.N.A. Short Feature Fil... Renato Novakovic Jeff Nichols [SR]
2012 The first date Short Feature Fil... Cyrus Badde Oliver Bergmann [L]
2011 Russian Roulette Indie Feature Fil... Michael Orso Jonathan Charles [SR]

Basic details
self portrayal englishAlexander Ness is a german actor. In 1999 he received a scholarship from Chicken Shed Drama School London and completed his acting training there. In the following years he was seen in several plays on London's stages, e.g. in "Romeo & Juliet", "Shelter", "Our country's good", "Duett for one" and "The emperor's new clothes" adapted by Molière. He started his TV acting career at the early age of 8 on German Television (ZDF). His movie debut was in 2002 when he participated in the movie "The Honeytrap" with Emily Lloyd.
He's been starring in many productions, both national and international since. He recently starred as "Charles V. (HRE)" on german television.

2016 Alexander Ness started to work closely on his craft with Hollywood based Coach and actor Mr. Terrell Clayton

Despite his acting career, Alexander Ness started playing snooker since 1992 and became the first German snooker player who turned professional in this sport.

Alexander Ness currently lives in Berlin Germany and is represented by "Actors and faces" the agency.
height189 cm - 6' 2'' ft/in 
weight88 kg - 194 lb. 
body typeathletic-sporty 
skin type White Central European
hair colourbrown 
hair lengthshort 
eye colourblue 
nationality German
languages  German (mother tongue),  English (fluently)
Bavarian (native), Berliners, Cockney, Koelsch, Austrian, Saxonian, Swabian, Viennese
singing A cappella (good), Jazz (good), Musical (good), Rock/Pop (good)
instruments piano (basic knowledge)
skills (sports) badminton,  billiards, bodybuilding, bowling, golf, taek won do
experience shooting in foreign countries Western Europe: Great Britain
immediate working area Berlin, Bayern
1st residence Berlin
other possibilities of accommodation Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Vienna, Boston (Massachusetts), Frankfurt, London, Los Angeles
associations Ges. zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten nbH [de]