Sarah Stork

Sarah Stork, actor, Berlin

Date of birth: 06.02.1987 in Dortmund
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Projects as actress
year title movie type director part
2010 Wieland Saga Short Feature Fil... Florian Wentsch Schwester Caroline/Prinzessin [L]
2010 Sturm der Liebe TV Series, ARD [de], ... various Sandra Ostermeyer [L]
2010 Inga Lindström - Schatten der Vergangenhei... TV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de] Thomas Hezel Freda [SR]
2009 Über die Straße Short Feature Fil... Johannes Ewen Kim [SR]
2009 Inkognito Short Feature Fil... Oliver Wergers Julia [SR]
2008 ESC Short Feature Fil... Christof Pilsl Marie [L]
2008 Decision Short Feature Fil... Mirko Klees Judith [L]
2008 RTL SMS CHAT - Female & Male Commercial Marco Kuschnier Female [L]
2008 The Waiting Chamber Short Feature Fil... Amine Bedia Catherine [L]
2008 perSPECTive 2050 Short Feature Fil... Jacqueline Grings Simone Arnold [SR]
2008 Journey Short Feature Fil... Sven Eric Maier Vanessa Webert [L]

Basic details
height164 cm - 5' 5'' ft/in 
weight49 kg - 108 lb. 
body typeslim 
skin type White Central European
hair colourblond 
hair lengthvery long 
eye colourblue-green 
nationality German
languages German (mother tongue), English (fluently), Spanish (fluently), Italian (basic), French (good)
instruments recorder (good), guitar (good), piano (good)
skills (dances) Argentine Tango (basic knowledge), Ballet (professional), Hip Hop (good), Jazzdance (professional), Modern Dance (professional), Salsa (basic knowledge)
skills (sports) figure skating, horseback riding, skiing, tae bo, tennis, yoga
experience shooting in foreign countries Northern Europe: Sweden
licences B (car) [eu]
immediate working area Berlin
1st residence Berlin
other possibilities of accommodation Munich, Cologne, Hamburg, Balearic Islands, Bochum