Christopher Dürkop

director of photography

Christopher Dürkop, director of photography, Berlin

Mobile   +49 178 2336460

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Projects as director of photography | 20 of 32 | SHOW ALL
year title movie type director production comment
2018 McMakler - Image Commercial Velten Rix Sqeen GmbH & Co. KG ...
2018 Netflix - Disenchantment. Märc... Commercial Raquel Stern Turbokultur GmbH
2018 Refigura - TV meets print Commercial Stefan Nagel Sqeen GmbH & Co. KG ...
2018 Smava - Kreditvergleich Commercial Lois Kainhuber Sqeen GmbH & Co. KG ...
2018 Tink - Tink doch mal nach Commercial Stefan Nagel Sqeen GmbH & Co. KG ...
2018 NUK - Nature Sense & First Cho... Commercial Mike Kovacs Splash
2018 Warum nicht ich Teaser (Series ... Alexander Bartole Lopta Film GmbH [de]
2018 Bohemian Browser Ballett (Webk... Series, Funk [de] various Turbokultur GmbH
2017 Volkswagen - Social Media 2018... Commercial Christoph Bauer PropellerFilm Berlin...
2017 Miracle Woman - Liebe deine Ku... Commercial Schake Abrahamian Sqeen GmbH & Co. KG ...
2017 Good Cop, Bad Cop, Mad Cop (We... Series Gregor Kamerer Turbokultur GmbH
2017 Kartenhaus Indie Feature F... Jurij Neumann BIK Pictures
2017 Bohemian Browser Ballett (Webk... Series, Funk [de] various Turbokultur GmbH
2017 Glücklich (Wettbewerbsbeitrag ... Short Feature F... Jurij Neumann Neumann, Dürkop & Co...
2016 Smava - Ihr kennt das doch Commercial Marco Mosca Sqeen GmbH & Co. KG ...
2016 Vadotech - Erprobung aus Leide... Image Film Alan Rexroth Petit & Rexroth Prod...
2016 Your Street My Stage Documentary Ser... various PropellerFilm Berlin...
2016 Klarmobil - 90 Sekunden auf Sp... Commercial various Playmedia GmbH [de]
2015 Oerlikon - Wings Image Film Oliver Puck pure production
2015 Käpt'n Kasi - Auf hoher Spree Documentary Ser..., History (Hi... various PropellerFilm Berlin...

Film projects in other activities
year title movie type director production comment
2016 After Walpurgisnacht Indie Feature F... William von Tagen von Tagen Internatio... 2nd unit dop
2016 Capelli Code Series Alex Martin European Star Cinema... electrician
2016 Kora Indie Feature F... Urs Odermatt Kulturwerkstatt Nord... camera operator
2015 Berlin Syndrom Feature Film Cate Shortland Aquarius Films [au] lighting assistant
2015 Hey Bunny Feature Film Barnaby Metschurat HotCouple GbR electrician
2012 Ratiopharm - Gesundheitsfee 20... Image Film Henning Strüve Playmedia GmbH [de] 2nd unit dop
2012 Der Jäger ist die Beute Indie Feature F... various Achtfeld GmbH first assistant camera
2008 Escapado - Was Du erwartet has... Music Video Christopher Dürkop Achtfeld GmbH director
2008 KulturCheck TV Magazine, FAB - Ferns... Manfred Ostermeier TV Production Facili... eng camera

Film Awards
year title award category comment
2017 Glücklich (Wettbewerbsbeitrag 99 Fi... 99 Fire Films Award Bester Film won

Basic details
nationality German
languages German (mother tongue), English (fluently)
experience shooting in foreign countries East Africa: Ethiopia

East Asia: China

Eastern Europe: Macedonia, Rumania

South Africa: South Africa

South America: Chile

Southeast Asia: Thailand

West Africa: Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Sierra Leone
own equipmentRed Gemini 
immediate working area Berlin
1st residence Berlin
other possibilities of accommodation Munich, Cologne