Paul Sedlmeir

actor, voice actor, speaker
Paul Sedlmeir, actor, voice actor, speaker, München

Year of birth: 1981 in Starnberg
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Projects as actor
year title movie type director part
2017 Hubert und Staller - Eine schöne Bescherun... TV-Movie (Series), ARD, Deget... Sebastian Sorger n.n [SR]
2016 Sketch History TV-Show, ZDF various diverse [SS]
2016 Harry die Ehre Series Pilot Marc Steck Lasse [SR]
2015 Hubert und Staller - Unter Wölfen TV-Movie (Series), ARD, Deget... Jan Markus Linhof Martin Riedl [L]
2014 Laxativum Chaotikum (aka Blue Moon) Short Feature Fil... Ron Tomulla Basti [L]
2014 Hubert und Staller TV Series, ARD, BR, D... Sebastian Sorger Martin Riedl [SS]
2013 Hubert und Staller - Die ins Gras beißen TV-Movie (Series), ARD, Deget... Wilhelm Engelhardt Martin Riedl [L]
2012 Hubert und Staller TV Series, ARD, BR, D... Werner Siebert Martin Riedl [SS]
2011 Ficus benjamini Short Feature Fil... Norbert Ortner Fremde [SR]
2011 Hubert und Staller TV Series, ARD, BR, D... Oliver Mielke Martin Riedl [L]
2008 Klaus Short Feature Fil... Frederic Welter Streifenpolizist 2 [SR]
2008 Land der Berge TV Series Jan Markus Linhof Traktorfahrer [SR]

Projects as dubber / speaker
year title movie type dubbed actor part
2010 Game of Thrones TV Series, HBO [us] Mark Standley Grenn [SSR]

Basic details
height183 cm - 6' 0'' ft/in 
weight95 kg - 209 lb. 
body typefull figure/heavyset 
skin type White Central European
hair colourbrown 
hair lengthshort 
eye colourbrown 
nationality German
languages German (mother tongue), English (good)
Bavarian (native), Franconian, Viennese
skills (sports) soccer, kick boxing, skiing, tennis
experience shooting in foreign countries Eastern Europe: Hungary
immediate working area Munich
1st residence Bavaria