David Thewlis

At Crew United registered projects
year title movie type part
2016 Wonder Woman Feature Film Sir Patrick [NR]
2015 An Inspector Calls TV Movie, BBC [uk] Inspector Goole [HR]
2013 The Fifth Estate Feature Film Nick Davies [NR] dubbed by Wolfgang Condrus
2013 The Theory of Everything Feature Film Dennis Sciama [NR] dubbed by Frank Röth
2011 The Lady Feature Film Michael Aris [HR]
2010 War Horse Feature Film Lyons [NR] dubbed by Pierre Peters-Arnolds
2010 Anonymous Feature Film William Cecil [NR]
2010 London Boulevard Feature Film Jordan [NR]
1999 Gangster No. 1 Feature Film Freddy Mays [NR]
1996 American Perfekt Feature Film Santini [HR]
1996 Seven years in Tibet Feature Film Peter Aufschnaiter [HR] dubbed by Wolfgang Condrus
1995 Dragonheart Feature Film King Einon [HR]