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year title movie type director production comment
2018 Wintermärchen Feature Film Jan Bonny Heimatfilm GmbH + ... Komparsenabrechnung
2018 Proxima Feature Film Alice Winocour Dharamsala [fr] Komparsenabrechnung
2018 Avalanche Feature Film Bastian Günther Flare Film GmbH (v... Komparsenabrechnung
2018 Verachtung / The Purity of Ven... Feature Film Christoffer Boe Zentropa Hamburg G... Komparsenabrechnung
2018 100 Dinge Feature Film Florian David Fitz Pantaleon Films Gm... Komparsenabrechnung
2018 Die Drei von der Müllabfuhr (v... TV Movie, ARD, Degeto Edzard Onneken Bavaria Fiction Gm... Komparsenabrechnung
2018 Der Anfang von etwas TV Movie, ZDF Thomas Berger Network Movie Film... Komparsenabrechnung
2018 Winterherz - Tod in einer kalt... TV Movie, ZDF Johannes Fabrick Hager Moss Film Gm... Komparsenabrechnung
2018 Jenseits der Angst TV Movie, ZDF Thorsten Näter JoJo Film- und Fer... Komparsenabrechnung
2018 Ein magischer Moment (vormals:... TV Movie, ZDF Vivian Naefe Neue Schönhauser F... Komparsenabrechnung
2018 Trauung mit Hindernissen TV Movie, MDR, ORF Anna-Katharina Mai... Ariane Krampe Film... Komparsenabrechnung
2018 Solo für Weiss - Für immer sch... TV-Movie (Serie..., ZDF Maria von Heland Network Movie Film... Komparsenabrechnung
2018 Sarah Kohr - Das verschwundene... TV-Movie (Serie..., ZDF Christian Theede Die Film GmbH Komparsenabrechnung
2018 Ein starkes Team - Tödlicher S... TV-Movie (Serie... Johannes Grieser Ufa Fiction GmbH Komparsenabrechnung
2018 Polizeiruf 110 - Kindeswohl TV-Movie (Serie..., NDR Lars Jessen filmpool fiction G... Komparsenabrechnung
2018 Der Usedom Krimi - Mutterliebe TV-Movie (Serie..., ARD, Degeto Uwe Janson Razor Film Produkt... Komparsenabrechnung
2018 Tatort - Tiere der Großstadt TV-Movie (Serie..., ARD, Degeto... Roland Suso Richte... Provobis - Gesells... Komparsenabrechnung
2018 Tatort - Schande TV-Movie (Serie..., SWR Jens Wischnewski SWR Südwestrundfun... Komparsenabrechnung
2018 Frau Jordan stellt gleich Mini-Series Anja Jacobs Wiedemann & Berg T... Komparsenabrechnung
2018 Start Up - Deine Chance! Commercial Renato Novakovic Lichtenberg & Gray... Komparsenabrechnung


Jürgen Kling
phone: +49 30 69579871
mobile: +49 174 1823895

Doreen Stellmach
Assistenz Geschäftsführung
department: Kunden - Verträge - Behörden
phone: +49 30 69579871

Carsten Schilling
Leitung Kommunikation
department: Ansprechpartner Produktion
phone: +49 30 69579871

Nadine Wöllnitz
Büroleitung (Elternzeit)
phone: +49 30 69579871

Charlene Erber
department: Ansprechpartner Produktion
phone: +49 30 69579871

Richard Huber
department: Ansprechpartner Produktion
phone: +49 30 69579871

Marina Zidkich
Leitung Datenerfassung
phone: +49 30 69579871

Anja Briese
department: Controlling
phone: +49 30 69579871

Julian Haripurnomo
department: Kommunikation
phone: +49 30 69579871

Nicole Sprindt
department: Faktura
phone: +49 30 69579871

Sadia Hanif
Leitung Lohnbuchhaltung
phone: +49 30 69679871

Simon Kling
department: Lohnbuchhaltung
phone: +40 30 69589871

Susanne Hortig
department: Controlling
phone: +49 30 69579871

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adag Komparsen-Arbeitsvertrag 2017

company profileadag Film Services GmbH specialises in the billing of fees for background extras and bit players in film, television and advertising productions, throughout Germany and independently of agencies (reference list).

Since 2007, adag has billed over 500,000 fees for background extras and bit players throughout Germany (project list / project list

A complete service with assumption of liability
Our service includes taking on all tasks and obligations involved in processing artists’ fees. We offer comprehensive reporting and financial controlling which complies with film industry standards. Secure, quick and cost-effective.

Transparent and reliable cost calculation
Based on the requirements of the German Minimum Wage Act (MiLoG), we quote one price per extra based on the gross fee, regardless of the social security status of the extra. This will provide you with a simple and reliable basis for your cost calculation.

Employment Contract / Payslip with copy facility
Our free employment contracts are available as duplicate books. In addition to the original for payroll purposes, the production and the extra each receive a copy.

Transfer of rights
The legal transfer of image rights is an integral part of our employment contract templates and can be found on the original and all copies of the employment contract.

Prompt reporting
Our invoices are issued quickly and transparently. No later than one day after receipt of the payslips, you will receive an invoice and daily fee reports for your cost reporting. The prerequisite for this quick invoicing is an employment contract which complies with minimum wage requirements.

Detailed documentation
The invoicing includes a daily fee report for each day of the production, itemized according to extra and federal state. The payroll takes into account and records hours worked, overtime and distinguishes between tax-free and taxable allowances. We can provide you with statements for each day of the production, per invoice and/or per project. We also provide you with individual fee reports according to the extra’s filming day for the entire project. Ask us about other reporting options. We are waiting for your call!

Control and legal documentation of the minimum wage
Control and legal documentation of the minimum wage Minimum Wage Act – MiLoG. You will receive timesheets which are compliant with statutory requirements and we will of course archive them free-of-charge pursuant to MiLoG.

Payroll client as Secured Server Download
We set up a client in our payroll software (SESAM-Lohn from Sesam Software GmbH) for your production company or for your production. This client is available for download at any time via a secured server.

Quick, prompt and cashless payments
We transfer the extra’s fee quickly and promptly. For details of payments to extras, see FAQs for extras: When are fees transferred?

Reporting to the statutory authorities
We send the appropriate reports to the statutory authorities in compliance with legal requirements. This includes tax returns, contribution statements for compulsory health insurance and social security registrations.

Communication with the statutory authorities
We manage and take responsibility for all written and verbal communication with the statutory authorities and departments involved in wage and fee payroll for extras. We can answer any queries from compulsory health insurance schemes, pension funds and employment agencies.

Payment of taxes and contributions
We take over all payment of taxes and contributions involved in payroll processing. This includes payment of PAYE tax as well as social security contributions.

Liability of adag Film Services GmbH
adag Film Services GmbH is liable for all errors in payroll, social security registrations and contribution statements. This also applies to payroll errors due to incorrect extras’ details.

Indemnity of the production
adag Film Services GmbH indemnifies its clients from any liability in relation to third parties, arising from fee payroll, social security registrations and contribution statements. Details of the indemnity are governed and recorded in the contract.

Documentation for extras
We assume responsibility for full, prompt documentation of wage and fee payroll for extras, pursuant to legal requirements. This includes preparation of payroll, income tax statements, social security registration certificates, additional income statement, tax summary and certificate of employment.

Communication with extras
We manage all written and verbal communication with extras. We are pro-active in ensuring that the details in the employment contract are complete and accurate and we provide the relevant documentation. We also answer any questions regarding payroll and payments. In addition, we have an extensive information resource available online for frequently asked questions: FAQ – extras. We place great store upon constructive and friendly communication.

Communication with agencies
We also see ourselves as a service provider for agencies. We enjoy positive, open and friendly collaboration with them. We are available to agencies at any time if there are queries concerning individual payments or general queries on processing of fees.

Data protection
adag Film Services GmbH takes the necessary technical and organizational steps to ensure that the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) are executed, in particular the requirements listed in the annex to section 9 paragraph 1 BDSG.

Our service includes tamper-proof archiving of employment contracts and payroll runs in conventional paper archives and/or our electronic system in compliance with the statutory retention periods.
year of foundation 2007
number of employees 24
immediate working area HQ: Berlin