Stephen Baldwin

At Crew United registered projects
year title movie type part
2014 Magi Indie Feature Film Burga Adler [HR]
2009 Let the Game begin Feature Film David Carroll [HR]
2008 Shoot the Duke (DVD) TV Movie Max Rockinsky [HR]
2007 Shark in Venice Feature Film David Franks [HR]
2006 Earthstorm TV Movie John [HR] dubbed by Tobias Kluckert
2006 Dark Storm TV Movie Daniel Gray [HR] dubbed by Marco Kröger
2004 Target Feature Film Charlie Snow [HR]
2002 Shelter Island TV Movie Lenny [HR]
2001 Zebra Lounge TV Movie Jack Bauer [HR]
2000 Table One Feature Film Jimmy [HR]
1998 One Tough Cop Feature Film Bo Dietl [HR] dubbed by Marco Kröger
1996 Crime Time Feature Film Bobby Mahon [NR]
1995 The Usual Suspects Feature Film Michael McManus [HR]