Tom Schirdewahn

At Crew United registered projects
year title movie type credited as comment
2015 Iron Sky - The Coming Race Feature Film concept artist
2014 Tom Thaler & Basil - Hier Mit Dir Music Video Story
2013 Fisherman's Friend - Star Trek Into Darkne... Commercial director, 3d animation director
2012 The Little Red Paper Ship Short Feature Film 2d animation director
2011 - Kubus Commercial art director
2010 Für immer in Farbe Short Feature Film co-director
2010 Tennis-Point - Kohli & Patrik (Durchzug, S... Commercial storyboard artist, art director (ad...
2010 - Splash 3D Commercial art director (advertising agency), ...
2008 Fremdkörper Feature Film electrician
2008 You make me sick Short Feature Film gaffer, co-producer, editor
2007 I Beg Your Pardon Short Feature Film set manager / 3rd AD
2006 WaS Würzburg auf Sendung (FHWS-Magazin) TV Magazine studio camera operator, video-produ...