Seaside Productions

TV Production, Production Company, commercial production, service production

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Projects as production company
year title movie type director
2017 Rosland - Classic 2. Enkel Commercial Jörg Goeßler
2012 Vodafone - CallYa Smartphone (Promostory Voice of Germany) Commercial Jörg Goeßler
2011 bio.persönlich (Web-Interviews) Documentary Ser..., [The Biogra... Hans Christian Meiser
2010 MINI Countryman - Anruf Commercial Jörg Goeßler
2008 Posterjack GmbH - Moments Commercial Jörg Goeßler

experience shooting in foreign countries Northern Europe: Sweden

Western Europe: Austria
year of foundation 2008
number of employees 6
immediate working area HQ: Munich