Jürgen Schüller

Jürgen Schüller, actor, Köln

Date of birth: 09.04.1970 in Köln
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Projects as actor
year title movie type director part
2012 Ein Fall für die Anrheiner TV Series, WDR various Gutachter Herbrandt [SR]
2012 In the Net TV Movie, WDR Isabel Kleefeld Taxifahrer [SR]
2008 Geschenkideen Short Feature Fil... Ingo Monitor Notarzt [SR]
2005 Forbidden Love TV Series, ARD various Freier [SRE]
2003 Die Camper TV Series, RTL various Prolet [SRE]
2002 Kasting Short Feature Fil... Uwe Repschläger Detektiv [SR]
2002 Die Anrheiner TV Series, WDR Hans-Klaus Petsch Künstler [SRE]
2000 Die Wache TV Series, RTL Carl Lang Trickdieb [SRE]
2000 SK Kölsch TV Series, SAT.1 Andreas Senn Zeuge [SRE]
1999 Thrill - Spiel um dein Leben TV Movie Peter Jürgensmeier Skinhead [SR]
1999 Cityexpress TV Series, WDR various Musiker [SR]
1999 Forbidden Love TV Series, ARD various Fotograf [SRE]
1997 Geliebte Schwestern TV Series, SAT.1 various Musiker [SR]
1996 SK-Babies TV Series various Journalist [SRE]

Basic details
height172 cm - 5' 8'' ft/in 
weight69 kg - 152 lb. 
body typeathletic-sporty 
size46 - 48 
skin type White Central European
hair colourash blond 
hair lengthbald head 
eye colourblue-green 
nationality German
languages German (mother tongue), English (basic), Spanish (basic), French (basic)
Koelsch (native), Viennese
skills (sports) swimming, tai chi
licences A (motorcycle) [DE], B (car), BE (car with trailer), C1 (truck < 3,5t <= 7,5t), L (tractor)
immediate working area Cologne
1st residence North Rhine-Westphalia