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Production Company, service production

Contact Tobias Seifert
Phone +49 89 614586-0
Fax+49 89 61458670
Mobile +49 172 7007048
Address   Eduard-Schmid-Str. 2
81541 München

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year title movie type director comment
2018 Adidas - Energy mode Commercial Roos McDowell
2018 Adidas - Energy Mode James Rodriguez Commercial Roos McDowell
2017 Liebherr - Smart Device Commercial Richard Caesar
2017 point S Deutschland GmbH - From O to O Commercial Gregory Rentis
2017 Ernsting's Family - Entspannt Elegant Commercial Anders Overgaard
2017 Ernsting's Family - Festliche Kleidung Commercial Anders Overgaard
2016 Lufthansa - FC Bayern. Flyrobic Commercial Horst Czenskowski
2016 Jeep - Inhospitable Commercial Jürgen Bollmeyer Service Produktion (D / Ö)
2014 Expert - Weihnachtskampagne 2014 Commercial Horst Czenskowski
2014 WHR Wellness-Hotels & Resorts - Image 2014 Commercial Niv Abootalebi
2014 Medpex - Mutter + Tochter Commercial Horst Czenskowski
2013 Stylight - Heart of Fashion Commercial Philipp Wolff
2013 Nike Tiempo - Jérôme Boateng Commercial Etienne Hausel
2013 Gutfried - Zugreifen (3 Spots) Commercial Tim Thiel
2012 Hidrofugal - Dr. Christine Theiss Commercial Marc Perino
2012 ProSiebenSat.1 - Windows8 App Commercial Aki Adams
2012 ProSieben - ICQ Pro7 Look Commercial, ProSieben Thomas Wittmann
2012 Apollo-Optik - Jahreskampagne 2012 (Vignet... Commercial Martin Haerlin
2012 Allianz - One Thing Commercial Aki Adams
2012 - Mehr Bully geht nicht Commercial Horst Czenskowski

company profileadd pictures !
…is a full-service-production for national and international filmproductions.

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…was founded in order to offer a professional, full-service-production to business companies of all sizes as well as individually bookable services, reaching from casting to post production.

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…produces unmistakeable imagery worlds. We demand a great deal of ourselves in always finding the highest common denominator between calculation, creation and realisation. A basic factor which brings joy to our clients, creatives and ourselves, thus guaranteeing a smooth production whilst exponentiating its quality.
experience shooting in foreign countries North America: USA

Eastern Europe: Czech Republic

South America: Argentina

Southern Europe: Italy, Spain

Western Europe: England, France, Austria, Switzerland
year of foundation 2004
number of employees 4
immediate working area HQ: Munich