Benji Fischer

first assistant camera

Benji Fischer, first assistant camera, München

Mobile   +49 176 29464532
Phone   +34 647 424403

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Projects as first assistant camera | 20 of 105 | SHOW ALL
year title movie type director of photo... production comment
2018 Lucozade - Poolparty Commercial Katie Swain ITV Independent Tele... A-Cam
2018 VHV - Handy Commercial René Richter Barefoot Films GmbH ... A-Cam
2018 Starodvorie - Sauna, Gym & Bre... Commercial Bet Rourich Okey Dokey Film [ru] A-Cam
2018 Obi - Fussball, Sandkasten, Li... Commercial Bjoern Hahn Tony Petersen Film A-Cam
2018 Resurs Bank - Vacation & 3D Pr... Commercial David Grehn Fanny & Alexander [s... A-Cam
2018 JD Williams - Summer Life 201... Commercial John Perez Prettybird [us] A-Cam
2018 - Racoon & Mermaid ... Commercial Mattias Nyberg Somesuch & Co [uk] A-Cam
2017 Marie Brand und das Verhängnis... TV-Movie (Serie..., ZDF Nicolay Gutscher Warner Bros. ITVP De... A-Cam
2017 Wiesenhof . Bruzzzler. Schasch... Commercial Fabian Hothan Ferry Film GmbH [de] A-Cam
2017 Optrex - Screen Eyes Commercial Sy Turnbull Outsider Ltd. [uk] A-Cam
2017 Le Petit Marseillais - Deep Ca... Commercial Eugenio Galli Palma Pictures [es] A-Cam
2017 Tre - Color Party Commercial Marcelo Dapporto Palma Pictures [es] B-Cam
2017 Nestlé - Yaos. You and me Commercial Nicolas Massart... Palma Pictures [es] A-Cam
2017 3 Mobile - Keep on Roaming Commercial Crille Forsberg Orange Valley Produc... A-Cam
2017 McKinsey & Company - Reinventi... Commercial James Medcraft Palma Pictures [es] A-Cam
2017 Mackie Messer - Brechts Dreigr... Feature Film David Slama Zeitsprung Pictures ... A-Cam
2017 Kimberley Clark - Depend. Trac... Commercial Jonas Mortensen Palma Pictures [es] A-Cam
2017 Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Leo Sa... Commercial Andreas Berger Palma Pictures [es] A-Cam
2017 Seat - Mii. Lifestyle Commercial Christoph Griep United Visions GmbH A-Cam
2016 Mini - Who’s In Commercial Benoit Soler Palma Pictures [es] A-Cam

Basic details
languages German (mother tongue), English (fluently), Spanish (mother tongue), French (mother tongue), Catalans (fluently)
experience shooting in foreign countries Middle East: Saudi Arabia

North America: Mexico, USA

Northern Europe: Sweden

Eastern Europe: Rumania, Czech Republic, Ukraine

South Africa: South Africa

Southern Europe: Italy, Portugal, Spain

Southeast Asia: India, Taiwan, Thailand

Western Europe: Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland
special skillsin all unexpected 
licences C1E (truck (C1) + trailer <= 12t), PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
immediate working area Munich, Mallorca
1st residence Spain
other possibilities of accommodation Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg, Balearic Islands, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Zurich