Anne Düe

Anne Düe, actor, Berlin

Year of birth: 1982
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Projects as actress
year title movie type director part
2015 [Out of Fra]me Short Feature Fil... Sophie Linnenbaum Frau Raftis [SR]
2014 Culpable Feature Film Gerd Schneider Anja Zdrojewski [SR]
2014 My Name is Victoria Feature Film Sebastian Schipper Frau an Kasse [SR]
2014 Die Neue TV Movie, ZDF Buket Alakus Krankenschwester [BP]
2013 Paying the Hitchhiker Short Feature Fil... Joschka Herrlich Jennifer [L]
2012 Berlina - The Flying Ballerina Short Feature Fil... Harald Geil Publikum [SR]
2012 Neukölln Wind Indie Feature Fil... Arsenny Rapoport Anne [L]
2009 Die Irrtümer Short Feature Fil... Gerd Schneider
2007 Zugvögel Short Feature Fil... Eva Katharina Bühler Eva [L]
2006 Suche Mfg HH-M (Suche Mitfahrgelegenheit H... Short Feature Fil... Matthias Scharfi Sara [SR]
2005 Bettina Short Feature Fil... Aron Szabo [L]
2004 Nachbarschaft Short Feature Fil... Aron Szabo [L]
2004 Why Don t You Workshop-Producti... Aron Szabo [L]
2004 Hilf mir Short Feature Fil... Aurel Bantzer [L]

Projects as dubber / speaker
year title movie type dubbed actor part
2016 Reign TV Series, CW Televisi... Celina Sinden Greer Norwood [SS]

Basic details
height158 cm - 5' 2'' ft/in 
body typeslim 
skin type South European, White Central European
hair colourbrown 
hair lengthlong 
eye colourbrown 
nationality German
languages English (fluently)
skills (dances) Flamenco (basic knowledge), Standard (good)
skills (sports) acrobatics, floor exercises, fencing (sport), rock climbing, qigong, horseback riding, roller skating, ice skating, swimming, tai chi, underwater scuba-diving
licences A1 (motorcycle), B (car), BE (car with trailer)
immediate working area Berlin
1st residence Berlin
other possibilities of accommodation Cologne, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Bremen, Frankfurt, Goettingen, Hannover, Stuttgart