Studio Hamburg Synchron GmbH

At Crew United registered projects
year title movie type comment
2016 XOXO TV Movie, Netflix Dt. Version
2016 Skylanders Academy TV Series deutsche Version
2013 My Mad Fat Diary TV Series
2013 Bob's Burgers TV Series, FOX [us] Deutsche Fassung
2012 The Cleveland Show TV Series Sprachsynchron dt.
2011 Lightning Point TV Series
2010 The Cleveland Show TV Series
2009 The Cleveland Show TV Series dt. Version
2008 Galactik Football TV Series
2006 Trapped Ashes Feature Film
2006 Team Galaxy TV Series, RTL II Deutscher Synchron
2006 Bob the Builder TV Series, Nickelodeon
2002 Rugrats TV Series, Nickelodeon
1999 Profiler TV Series, NBC [us] Synchron deutsch
1998 Profiler TV Series, NBC [us] Sprachsynchron Deutsch
1997 The Rugrats Movie Feature Film