Ali Hakim

At Crew United registered projects | 20 of 30 |
year title movie type credited as comment
2018 Bonnie & Bonnie TV Movie director, screenwriter
2016 The Round Short Feature Film producer
2013 Taweez - The Talisman Writer Short Feature Film director, producer, Script
2012 Plato AG - SCIO Template-Manager. Risk & K... Image Film director, editor, motion graphics d...
2012 First Date Short Feature Film director, producer
2011 Der Dicke TV Series, ARD, NDR, W... 4th AD / Additional AD 2 DT
2010 Crazy in Love Short Feature Film director, screenwriter
2010 Zenit Vodka - Made In Germany (Webfilm) Commercial director, Idea
2010 Zenit Vodka - Sexy Talk (Webfilm) Commercial director, Idea, editor
2010 Zenit Vodka - Multi Kulti (Webfilm) Commercial director
2010 Rostam Short Feature Film director, screenwriter, editor
2010 Goldfisch TV Magazine motion graphics designer
2010 Grenzen Short Feature Film 1st assistant director
2009 RnA - Beweis Music Video director
2009 Der Letzte Trumpf Short Feature Film set manager / 3rd AD
2009 Deutsche Telekom - Die Firma. Espresso Commercial set runner
2009 Deutsche Telekom - Die Firma. Geldsegen Image Film set runner
2009 Notruf Hafenkante TV Series, ZDF production driver 2 DT Vertretung
2008 Anker werfen Short Feature Film set manager / 3rd AD
2008 Driving Élodie Short Feature Film set manager / 3rd AD Nachdreh