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At Crew United registered projects | 20 of 21 |
year title movie type comment
2012 Paris I’ll Kill You (Teaser) Commercial
2011 Errors of the Human Body Feature Film
2010 The Divide Feature Film
2010 The Bang Bang Club Feature Film
2009 Brotherhood Feature Film
2010 Broken Kingdom Feature Film
2009 Slave Feature Film
2009 Drool Feature Film
2008 Piece By Piece Feature Film
2008 Running For Life Documentary
2008 Sea of Darkness Documentary
2008 Making of - Nine Miles Down Making Of
2008 The Disposables Feature Film Co-Production
2008 13 Semester Feature Film in Zusammenarbeit
2007 Hazorea Documentary
2007 Las Mujeres del Anarquista / The Anarchist... Feature Film, arte, BR Co-Produktion
2007 Night Train Feature Film Co-Produktion
2007 Atletu Feature Film
2007 Stag Night Feature Film
2007 Making of - Night Train Making Of