Johannes Praus

director of photography

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Projects as director of photography | 20 of 33 |
year title movie type director production comment
2017 Du warst mein Leben Documentary Rosa Hannah Ziegle... Wendländische Filmco... Sony FS7 + Cooke SII Panchro
2017 Geschichte Mitteldeutschlands ... Documentary (Se..., MDR various Saxonia Entertainmen... auch Folge 1-4 2017
2016 S Short Feature F... Max Chrambach Februar Film GmbH Sony FS7 + Kowa Anamorphic 4:3
2016 Schlagerland Documentary, ARD Arne Birkenstock C-Films (Deutschland... C300 + Optimo - Berlin
2016 House of Revival Short Feature F... Nina Fischer Fischer / el Sani Pr... Sony FS7 / FS5 + ZeissHS
2016 Teufelskreis Documentary Milica Djenic Silvia Loinjak Filmp... Sony FS7 + Optimo
2015 Wo Worte nicht hinreichen Documentary Josephine Links Josephine Links Prod... Sony FS7 + Lightwight Zoom
2015 Wella - Friseure bewegen III Commercial Ole Wiedemann Producers & Elephant... Sony FS7 / α7s + ZeissUP
2014 Transit Havana Documentary , arte, BNN V... Daniel Abma Witfilm (vormals Jvd... Sony F3 / F5 + ZeissHS
2014 Der letzte Remix Documentary Olaf Held Monarda Arts GmbH (v... Sony F5 + CabrioZoom
2013 Anderswo Feature Film Ester Amrami Dirk Manthey Film ARRI Alexa + ZeissUP
2012 Beyond Wriezen Documentary Daniel Abma Filmuniversität Babe... HDV
2012 Betrunken im Dienst - Die Wohn... Documentary Olaf Held almost famous Film- ... Sony EX3
2012 Magical-Mystery-Tour - Die Tot... Report Olaf Held almost famous Film- ... Sony EX3
2012 AG Geige Documentary Carsten Gebhardt comma e.V. HDV
2011 As Simple as That Short Feature F..., RBB Karl Hagen-Stötzer Filmuniversität Babe... S16mm + ZeissHS
2011 Herzberg Short Feature F... David C. Bunners Filmuniversität Babe... ARRI Alexa + ZeissHS
2011 Swan Short Feature F... Henrike Naumann Filmuniversität Babe... Sony F800 + CODEX
2010 Submerged Short Feature F... Johannes Leistner Filmuniversität Babe... S16mm
2010 Roulette Prohlisienne Short Feature F... Bernd Kilian Bernd Kilian Medien.... S16mm

Film projects in other activities
year title movie type director production comment
2015 Wella - Friseure bewegen II Commercial Ole Wiedemann Producers & Elephant... camera operator/ 3rd Unit / ARRI ...
2013 Schmidt - Chaos auf Rezept TV Series, RTL various Constantin Televisio... 2nd unit dopARRI Alexa / E-Sho...
2008 Stadlfreunde Documentary Frauke Ihnen lüthje schneider hör... 2nd unit dop

Basic details
nationality German
languages German (mother tongue), English (fluently)
experience shooting in foreign countries Central America: Cuba

Middle East: Israel, Palestine

Northern Europe: Iceland, Sweden

Eastern Europe: Poland, Ukraine, Hungary

Southern Europe: Italy

Western Europe: Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland

Central Asia: Armenia
immediate working area Berlin, überall
1st residence Saxony